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Dr Brian Patton

My research

I am based in the Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour in Oxford – an interdisciplinary research centre that aims to bring together researchers from across different fields to address problems in neurobiology. As a physicist with training in quantum optics, microscopy and materials science, I wish to develop tools that will open up new frontiers in science for my colleagues. In particular, I would like to use the already impressive suite of imaging and sensing techniques developed for quantum-information processing technologies in a completely different realm, namely detecting the information flow through living brains.

My journey

We currently have two young children. The flexibility of university working hours can really help when trying to combine a career in science with raising a family – I drop the kids off at nursery in the morning and my wife collects them in the evening. Being able to get home to see them at the end of the day is essential for me, and with careful planning of my diary, it’s rare that this doesn’t happen! Likewise, when my wife needs to travel for work, this flexibility lets me pick up and drop off the kids.

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