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Dr Chimene Laure Daleu

My research

My research is aimed at understanding tropical climate and its variability by understanding the two-way interaction between tropical moist convection and large-scale tropical circulation. My research involves numerical simulations of convection within a small domain using different representations of the large-scale environmental circulation.

My journey

I gave birth at the end of my second year as a PhD student in meteorology. The arrival of my daughter has been professionally disruptive since I was a single mum and I didn't have parents nearby. Childcare was my full responsibility but luckily my PhD research was quite flexible and I was allowed to work part-time from home and part-time from the office. I have benefited hugely by having supportive mentors and PhD supervisors. I was the PhD Researcher of the Year 2013, Faculty of Science winner and the second best PhD researcher of the University of Reading. My daughter has started nursery and I am now a Research Scientist at the University of Reading.