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Dr Gavin Morley

My research

My group develops new magnetic resonance experiments that make use of quantum coherence to build technologies such as magnetic field detectors. Normal computers store information as bits which can be either zero or one. We use single atoms in synthetic diamonds to store and control quantum information: a quantum bit can try out being zero and one at the same time. Our experiments also lead to a better understanding of some of the weirder quantum features of our universe.

My journey

My wife Laura is a neurologist in London Hospitals who did her DPhil in Oxford on the neuroscience of chronic pain using fMRI. We have two wonderful children so have relied on our family, nurseries, breakfast club, after-school club and now a nanny to help with childcare. Running my research group plus teaching keeps me busy, but I’m lucky enough to also spend some time with my kids every morning and evening. I’ve been meditating for almost 20 years because I like the peacefulness of it: this helps to keep everything else balanced.

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