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Professor Gillian Gehring

My research

My research is focussed on understanding the microscopic properties of solids. Initially, I was a theoretical physicist who interacted closely with experimentalists, but in recent years there has been a dramatic shift as I now lead an experimental group, studying magnetic semiconductors.

My journey

We delayed having our children until we were both well established in our careers. Karl, who is also a physicist, was a Research Fellow in Oxford before moving to the GEC central research labs. When our children were young we had a succession of good nannies and then graduated to au pairs when they were both at school. About the time of our move to Sheffield Karl became ill and took early retirement so he took over a lot of the childcare when our daughters were in their teens. In recent years, since our daughters have become independent, Karl has come with me on various foreign trips, which have been great for both of us.

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