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Professor Hilary Ashe

My research

My research is aimed at understanding how cells communicate with each other during development and homeostasis.  We use the fruitfly as a model organism to study one of the major types of cell signals, but our findings are relevant to humans where the same type of signal plays important roles in development and disease. My husband Mark also runs a successful research group studying many aspects of post-transcriptional gene regulation in yeast.

My journey

I have a passion for research, but when our boys were born I wanted to make sure that I would never look back and feel that I had missed out on them growing up.  I worked part-time until the boys started school and work flexible hours now so that I can collect them from school, three days a week.  Mark has always been a fantastic support in sharing childcare and domestic duties.  When the boys were very young we struggled at times to juggle work and family life - we have no childcare at home or family close enough to be on call at short notice - but somehow we survived!   The enjoyment we gain from watching our boys thrive makes it all worthwhile. 

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