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Professor Jane Clarke

My research

I am interested in protein folding – in the fundamental relationship between protein sequence, structure and function. My research is multidisciplinary, combining single molecule and ensemble biophysical techniques with protein engineering and simulations. My group addresses many of the fundamental questions on how proteins fold and the evolution of folding landscapes by studying families of homologous proteins. We are interested in more complex problems, including investigating the folding and misfolding of multidomain proteins and, recently, folding upon binding of intrinsically disordered proteins.

My journey

I love being a research scientist. I relish the freedom, the excitement of discovery, spending days working with clever young scientists. But, I haven’t sacrificed family or friendships for my career - their support is invaluable. I didn’t accept when told it was impossible to do a PhD with young children. I’ve learned to manage time, to decide for myself what success looks like - judge me by what I achieve, not by time spent in the lab. But lets try to make it as easy for my granddaughter as my grandsons to be a scientist when she grows up.

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