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Dr Janet Deane

My research

My research is aimed at understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying human disease. We use techniques from structural biology and cell biology to visualise what goes wrong when specific genes are mutated and the resulting proteins become defective. I work together with chemists and clinicians to develop our molecular insights into new avenues for therapeutic development. The diseases I’ve studied throughout my career have changed as I have moved location and have included breast cancer, neurodegeneration and infectious disease.

My journey

I started my lab in 2011 and in 2012 so did my husband. In 2013 Stephen was diagnosed with cancer and rapidly underwent surgery. The cancer returned in 2014 with the treatment this time being intensive chemotherapy. During this period I suffered a back injury that became disabling. Although Stephen was recovering I now required support until surgery corrected the injury. During this period both my husband and I were trying to supervise the multiple PhD students who had joined our growing labs. These experiences were extremely challenging both psychologically and physically. Running a new lab, let alone two, is hard enough at the best of times and these were not the best of times!

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