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Dr Jennifer Smillie

My research

The aim of my research is to understand fundamental physics at the smallest scales.  Specifically I calculate theoretical predictions for particle colliders, usually the Large Hadron Collider.  I have become increasingly interested in improving the scope and accuracy of predictions for so-called Standard Model processes, in the light of the challenges of the massively increased centre-of-mass energy of the collisions.  This is essential to test our understanding of our current theoretical description at these energies and is a first step to making any new discoveries.

My journey

James and I have been extremely fortunate that we have only had one year where we had jobs in different cities, although that required some difficult choices at times.  It has been very helpful to have my parents nearby since Emily was born.  I took nine months maternity leave and now I'm back at work her care during the week is shared between nursery, grandparents and us.  It is still early days for me combining a career in science with motherhood, but I've found something that works for now.

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