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Professor Marysia Placzek

My research

My research aims to understand the differentiation of cells in the hypothalamus of the brain. The hypothalamus mediates homeostasis, the control of the body’s internal environment. By understanding how the hypothalamus develops, we get clues as to how the hypothalamus functions normally. We also learn how a failure of normal hypothalamic development can lead to complex problems in later life, including stress and metabolic disorders. I am particularly interested in the role of hypothalamic stem cells over the life course.

My journey

I’ve been immensely lucky to have had incredibly supportive colleagues and family, especially my husband, Andy. Living in Sheffield has also been hugely helpful: work, home, schools and the Peak District are all so close. It has sometimes been hard to keep everything on track, but I’m stubborn, persistent, an optimist and not a perfectionist. It helps to sleep well and wake every day feeling full of energy and enthusiasm.

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