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Professor Naomi Chayen

My research

My field of research is structural biology, with particular interest in crystallizing proteins and other biological molecules of medical interest in order to understand their structure and function for the purpose of facilitating drug design. I specialise in developing practical crystallization methodology (including high-throughput methods). My recent work focusses on design and application of smart materials and nano materials for crystallization, some of which are patented and commercialised (eg Naomi’s Nucleant, and most recently Chayen Reddy MIP). I have also sent experiments into Space with NASA, the European and Russian Space Agencies and on the International Space Station.

My journey

A combination of several factors, all of equal importance, have enabled me to combine my career with family life. Having bosses (both men and women) who allow flexible working hours, sharing the childcare with my husband, having a superb live-in nanny, and the possibility to work part-time and gradually build up to full-time.

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