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Professor Nazira Karodia

My research

My research straddles ionic liquids in green chemistry and science education. I am passionate about student learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). My work has focussed partly on recruiting hard-to-reach students, enriching student experience and engaging the academy in changing the environment not only for teaching and learning but for social equality. I began in organic chemistry and through work in student recruitment and support, my passion has been the promotion of STEM careers and interrogating the gendered landscape of higher education science. This is a natural progression on the themes and commitments that preoccupy my professional life.

My journey

I was pregnant as I completed my Masters degree. The next two and half years of being at home are blurred, though I recall the intense joy of being close to my twin daughters. When we moved to St Andrews to start my PhD studies, my partner assumed the role of the at-home parent, an arrangement that permitted my career. Though I had long lab hours, I was able to be with my daughters at crucial moments of their day. This is a pattern I maintained till the twins left for University.

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