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Professor Pat Monaghan

My research

My recent research is mainly concerned with understanding how individual phenotypes are influenced by the early life environment, identifying the underlying physiological and molecular mechanisms linking early life conditions to the pattern of late life deterioration, and understanding the various trade-offs involved. This involves studies of the long term consequences of nutrition, stress exposure and the tempo of growth, effects on reproductive traits and longevity, and mechanistic processes such as telomere dynamics and oxidative stress. This work, which involves a range of vertebrate species, combines research in controlled conditions in the laboratory with complementary work in the field.

My journey

An important feature of our family life has been that my husband, who is a professor in the same Institute, and I have an equal and interchangeable role in our family life. We have been very lucky in that we obtained posts in the same place quite early in our careers. We are both passionate about our children, our hobbies and our work. We help each other deal with the ups and downs in all aspects of our lives, and, importantly, provide each other with support, and honest, robust criticism, of our respective research as required.

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