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Sir Paul Nurse

My research

I am a geneticist and cell biologist. Some of the discoveries I have made have helped to explain how the cell controls its cycle of growth and division. Working in fission yeast and animal cells, I showed that the cdc2 gene encodes a protein kinase, which copies the cell's genome and separates the copies into dividing cells. I also identified major elements which controlled the activation of cdc2 leading to cell division. These findings have broader significance since errors in cell growth and division may lead to cancer and other serious diseases.

My journey

I have two daughters, Sarah and Emily, and my wife Anne was their major carer when they were young, which helped me greatly when I was working long hours in the laboratory. My main contributions to family life were during weekends and holidays when we went on trips visiting museums, interesting places, on walking and cycling outings, and doing some science projects.

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