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Pierre Friedlingstein

My research 

My main broad area of research is climate change. More specifically, I look at the role of the terrestrial ecosystems and global biogeochemical cycles in the climate system. I develop and use global models in order to better understand how terrestrial ecosystems are affected by climate change and how this in turn could feedback on the climate systems.

My journey

Combining a career in science with family life is very challenging. Both my wife and I are working full time, both having to travel, from time to time (generally abroad) for work. We have two kids, aged 11 and 7. They have to stay at afterschool clubs. It’s not always that we take a week for half term; most of the times, it’s just a couple of days here and there as we have to work/teach, etc. The one non-negotiable break is summer, where we take 4 weeks, abroad. 

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