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Multifunctional landscapes

01 February 2023

Aerial shot of the Welsh countryside C fotoVoyager

The UK land use challenge

Land use is complex. There are so many things we rely on land to do. Try our interactive graphic to discover some of the competing factors that affect land use decisions. Learn how different land uses can be complimentary to one another and try designing a landscape that delivers multiple benefits for society.

Create your landscape

There is increasing pressure on UK landscapes to feed, house and power a growing population, to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss and to build a greener, more equal and resilient economy.

The Royal Society’s Multifunctional Landscapes report (PDF) advises on the use of science to increase the productivity of land and makes recommendations on the data and analytics, innovation, skills and policy mechanisms required to create landscapes which meet society’s many needs efficiently and sustainably. 

The report is the latest in a series of outputs which have explored scientific, economic and sociological drivers in land use policy. Follow the links below to discover more of the Royal Society’s work in this area.

Other work on this topic

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