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You and AI

You and AI is a collaborative effort to help people understand what machine learning and AI are, how the technology works and the ways it may affect our lives. The series will be hosted on four dates at the Royal Society in London before moving to a large London arts venue and finally Manchester later in the year.

Leading experts from the tech industry, academia and civil society will gather at the Royal Society to launch a flagship series of events designed to be an open and robust conversation about the potential and pitfalls of advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The launch of You and AI follows the Royal Society’s in-depth assessment of public views of machine learning which found that just one in ten members of the UK public recognised the term "machine learning", even though the technology – a form of artificial intelligence (AI) – is already part of our everyday lives.

Supported by DeepMind.

You and AI – The history of AI

Demis Hassabis

In the first of our You and AI series, DeepMind co-founder and CEO Demis Hassabis leads us through the history and aspirations for AI technologies.

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Machine learning and bias

Kate Crawford

Professor Kate Crawford discusses the biases built into machine learning, and what that means for the social implications of AI.

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Making machines play fair

Cynthia Dwork

Professor Cynthia Dwork explores the emerging theory of algorithmic fairness and the challenges in ensuring that machines make objective decisions.

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You and AI - AI applications

Marcus du Sautoy

Professor Marcus du Sautoy presents four speakers from the worlds of science and tech, to discuss how AI is revolutionising their respective fields.

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What is machine learning?

Machine learning interactive infographic

An interactive infographic that lets you test yourself against machine learning and share your results.

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Machine Learning Q&A

Marcus du Sautoy

Mathematician Professor Marcus Du Sautoy answers your social media questions on machine learning.

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