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Mathematical Futures programme

How should education prepare us for a data-driven future?

Mathematical and data sciences are everywhere. They frame thinking in government, in many academic disciplines (especially science and technology), in industry, finance and in business. Equally importantly, they influence the day to day lives of individuals as employees, citizens and consumers of information.

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The influence of mathematics is increasing. Our future prosperity, and our ability to live engaged and fulfilled lives, requires us to embrace this change and to ensure that our 4-19 education system prepares future generations for their changing world.

The Mathematical Futures Programme was launched in February 2020 and seeks to answer two core questions: 

  • What mathematical competences will be needed by citizens to thrive in the future?
  • How should education systems develop these mathematical competences?

This programme is overseen by the Mathematical Futures Board and the Royal Society Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education. It is supported through donor funding by industry partners: Arm, GSK and Google, and ongoing support from the London Mathematical Society, the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and the Royal Statistical Society.

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