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Narrative and science



On 2 May 2019, the Royal Society and British Academy hosted a workshop on narrative and science, the first part of a wider programme entitled Reimagining Science.

This exploratory workshop was all about narrative: its relationship to the sciences, and its roles in public life. Its purpose was to draw together different disciplinary insights and to begin to identify potential implications for scholars, scientists and communicators. It built on the academies’ work on research culture, the future of the education, and public dialogue on (and engagement with) new technologies such as AI. 

This page serves as a repository for the resources derived from the event with the hope that it may provoke thought and debate and consists of:

  • A written synthesis of the event
  • A live scribed image of the event
  • A series of stimulus papers on the subject of narrative written at the academies' invitation by selected attendees
  • Wider reading recommendations as suggested by workshop attendees
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