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Research Culture

Changing expectations

Panel discussion at the launch of Changing Expectations

Changing expectations is a Royal Society project that aims to understand how best to steward research culture through a shifting research landscape. Through a national dialogue with the research community, by drawing on the experiences of our past and present, and exploring potential futures, Changing expectations will investigate the evolving relationship between the research community and the wider research system.

The career case studies published for the Changing expectations project inspire researchers to think differently about what success looks like today and to challenge ideas about what skills and achievements should be valued.

Through the Visions of 2035 workshops we are engaging researchers from across all career stages in academia, industry and government to develop a shared understanding of what excellent research culture would look like, and how it might be achieved.

By partnering with artists to produce the Museum of Extraordinary Objects we are provoking new and different thinking about the future of research culture.