Mentoring scheme

The Royal Society runs a mentorship scheme to provide career support to Royal Society funded early career Research Fellows.

A hatching Honeyguide.  By Dr Claire Spottiswoode A hatching Honeyguide. By Dr Claire Spottiswoode

What is the mentoring scheme?

As part of the mentoring scheme, mentors provide support to new early career Research Fellows, sharing their experiences and advice on career progression, research and funding.

Mentoring partnerships run through the first year of a Research Fellowships and pairs meet up or contact each one another several times in the year to discuss issues such as:

  • Guidance on how to develop into a more independent role in your research
  • Developing confidence in negotiations with your Department
  • Advice on building and managing a research group
  • Career planning/ tracking to help ensure you are proceeding as required for your goals
  • Understanding the funding landscape and knowing when and where to look for additional funding

A recent mentee described their mentor as a “useful source of information – a handy person to bounce ideas off and to think about career plans with”.

How do I get involved?

First year University Research Fellows, Dorothy Hodgkin Fellows and Sir Henry Dale Fellows can request to take part.

Royal Society Research Fellow alumni, Wolfson Research Merit Award Holders and Fellows of the Royal Society are also invited to become mentors.

Once we have matched a pair, the mentee and mentor undergo a training session run by Professor Dorothy Griffiths (Imperial Business School). The training provides advice on the types of issues that are likely to be addressed and information on how to make the most of the mentoring relationship. The event also includes an opportunity to network with other mentees and mentors.

Following training, the pairs are encouraged to meet again within the next three months.  Mentors and mentees are also invited to give feedback to the Royal Society whilst participating in the scheme.

Mentoring pairs can seek advice and support, throughout the process, from the Grants team.

If you would like to take part in the scheme, please contact the Grants team.

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