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View from above

Blast off to the view from above zone, an interactive space where you can uncover the answers to some of the Universe's biggest questions. Explore our extra-terrestrial landscape to discover cutting-edge scientific research, covering everything from intergalactic mysteries to the secrets of our own solar system.

Explore the zone


Look to the stars and discover where galaxies come from, with help from the out-of-this-world team at Durham University, or stay closer to home and find out whether there has ever been life on Mars, as researchers from across the UK and European Space Agency demonstrate the science behind the ExoMars Rover. 

Find out how we can track and trace carbon from space by observing how our Earth 'breathes' through real-time satellite maps, or simply marvel at how the iconic images from Hubble have changed the way we view our Universe forever, and have a go at creating your very own space image.

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