Council Room The Council usually meets seven times a year in addition to the Convocation of the Fellowship and the Admission Ceremony.

The governance of the Royal Society, which is a registered charity, rests with a Council of 20 Fellows, who are elected by the Fellowship.  The Council manages all the Society’s business and its members are Trustees of the Society under charity legislation. They have the power to make, appeal or amend the Standing Orders (PDF) for the regulation of the Society’s affairs in accordance with its Statutes (PDF).

The Council is elected annually and takes up office on Anniversary Day, 30 November, each year. All Council members give their time voluntarily. 

The Council for 2014-2015 is:

Sir Paul Nurse FRS (President)

Professor Anthony Cheetham FRS (Treasurer)

Professor Alex Halliday FRS (Physical Secretary)

Sir John Skehel FRS (Biological Secretary)

Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff CBE FRS (Foreign Secretary)

Sir John Beddington

Professor Andrea Brand

Professor Michael Cates

Dame Athene Donald

Professor Carlos Frenk

Professor Uta Frith

Professor Joanna Haigh

Dame Wendy Hall

Dr Hermann Hauser

Dame Frances Kirwan

Professor Ottoline Leyser

Professor Angela McLean

Professor Georgina Mace

Professor Roger Owen

Dame Nancy Rothwell

Professor Stephen Sparks

Professor Ian Stewart

Dame Janet Thornton

This Council will continue until 30 November 2015.

Sir Paul Nurse FRS 

Professor Anthony Cheetham FRS

Physical Secretary
Professor Alex Halliday FRS

Biological Secretary
Sir John Skehel FRS

Foreign Secretary
Professor Martyn Poliakoff CBE FRS 

Executive Director
Dr Julie Maxton