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Benefits for institutions

If all the books in the world, except the Philosophical Transactions, were to be destroyed, it is safe to say that the foundations of physical science would remain unshaken, and that the vast intellectual progress of the last two centuries would be largely, though incompletely, recorded.


Thomas Henry Huxley FRS, 1870

A prestigious scientific legacy

The Royal Society’s Philosophical Transactions, launched in 1665, is the world’s longest running scientific journal and it established the fundamental principles of scientific priority and peer review.

Our 350 year archive contains some of the most significant scientific papers ever published including Michael Faraday’s ground-breaking series of electrical experiments, Isaac Newton’s invention of the reflecting telescope and the first research paper published by Stephen Hawking.


We are currently in the process of digitising our journals to ensure easy access to the best quality versions of our archive.

We are committed to long term preservation and we guarantee perpetual access to online content paid for through a subscription.

High impact journals

We regularly publish ground-breaking research from across the biological, physical and cross-disciplinary sciences and our journals achieve high levels of citations and downloads, which are increasing year on year.

Excellent service for subscribers

In partnership with Highwire, we offer a suite of useful subscriber tools including IP address configuration, OpenURL support, mobile vouchers and COUNTER 4 /SUSHI compliant usage reports.

You will receive the highest level of customer care with assistance only a phone call away. Around 97% of our subscribers choose to renew their subscriptions each year.

Helpful features for readers

Readers can quickly and easily discover relevant articles with our sophisticated search and alert tools. Our websites are mobile-optimised, so readers can easily navigate, read and share articles on any device.

All articles have individual DOIs and are published under a continuous publication model, so can be fully cited from the moment they are published online. We use CrossMark, which ensures readers have the most recent version of an article, and are a member of CrossRef, which ensures persistent navigation to and from cited and 'cited by' articles.

Competitive packages

Our highly competitive subscription packages provide considerable savings over buying individual titles.

In keeping with our role as the UK's national academy of science, we offer free access to readers in the developing world. Members of selected institutional consortia may also be entitled to a discount.

Open publishing

Our Open Access Membership schemes enable academic and research institutions, funders and corporations to actively encourage open access in scholarly communications whilst making life easier for their researchers.

We are committed to transparent pricing; our subscription prices take full account of our open access income.