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How is COVID-19 evolving?

Dr Katrina Lythgoe discusses the science behind the evolution of COVID-19, and how vaccine manufacturers and researchers are working to keep up with…

A spoonful of sugar

Frankie Chappell discovers how the production and economic importance of sugar made it a frequent topic of discussion in letters to the Royal…

Wonderful museums

Keith Moore takes a look at the contents of some unconventional paper collections, featuring the Witchfinder General and a large herring.

Volcanic vistas

While uploading images to the Royal Society Library's new digital preservation platform, Jon Bushell came across some remarkable observations made by…

Should We Trust Computers?

Following the publication of the latest Philosophical Transactions A theme issue, ‘Reliability and reproducibility in computational science:…

Funding Victorian science

Virginia Mills looks at the Royal Society's early experiences in supporting scientific research, dating back to the mid-nineteenth century.

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