Industry and innovation

The UK has an outstanding track record of industry innovation, and its world-class industrial research plays a key part in transforming innovative ideas into commercially successful products and services. Innovative economies see greater growth and productivity, and companies that innovate grow twice as fast as those that do not.

The knowledge-driven economy is increasingly important. This makes the flow of ideas and skills between the research base, industry, business and wider community crucial to future prosperity. The complexity of many existing social and economic challenges means that collaboration is essential to research and innovation.

About us

The goal of the Royal Society’s Science and Industry programme is to bring awareness, understanding and detailed knowledge of industrial science into the heart of the Society’s work and to generate impact on UK science, industry, and innovation by connecting industry, academia and government. We promote collaboration and translation by bringing together leading scientists from industry and academia at conferences and regional meetings and celebrate industry science through the publication of case studies. We also support researcher mobility and cross industry knowledge transfer through our translation-focussed grant schemes.


Our Science and Industry programme strives to promote the value and importance of science by connecting academia, industry and government. The programme is governed and guided by the Royal Society’s Science, Industry and Translation committee, a group of individuals with a well-established career in either industry, or both industry and academia. The committee helps shape the direction of the programme and makes recommendations to the Royal Society Council on strategies to encourage translation. Members are invited to join the committee by the Executive Director of the Society and hold the position for approximately three years.