Brouncker Viscount Brouncker was one of the founders of the Royal Society and was President from 1662-1677.

The current President of the Royal Society is Sir Paul Nurse. He started his five year term on 1st December 2010.

The President Elect is Sir Venkatraman (Venki) Ramakrishnan. He will take up the post of President on 1 December 2015.

The President presides at meetings of the Council and is Chairman of the Trustees. He or she also presides at other meetings of the Society including the Annual Meeting for the election of Fellows and Foreign Members and the Meeting on Annual Admission Day. At the Anniversary Meeting the President makes the Anniversary Address

Past Presidents

Biographical information on past Presidents of the Royal Society is available from The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Archive Resource.

Lord (Martin) Rees of Ludlow, OM Kt [2005-2010]

Lord (Robert) May of Oxford, OM AC Kt [2000-2005]

Sir Aaron Klug, OM [1995-2000]

Sir Michael Atiyah, OM [1990-1995]

George Porter, Baron Porter of Luddenham, OM [1985-1990]

Sir Andrew (Fielding) Huxley, OM [1980-1985]

Alexander Robertus Todd, Lord Todd, of Trumpington, OM [1975-1980]

Sir Alan (Lloyd) Hodgkin, OM, KBE [1970-1975]

Patrick Maynard Stuart Blackett (afterwards Lord Blackett, of Chelsea), OM, CH [1965-1970]

Sir Howard (Walter) Florey (afterwards Lord Florey, of Adelaide and Marston), OM  [1960-1965]

Sir Cyril (Norman) Hinshelwood, OM  [1955-1960]

Edgar Douglas Adrian (afterwards Lord Adrian, of Cambridge), OM [1950-1955]

Sir Robert Robinson, OM [1945-1950]

Sir Henry (Hallett) Dale, OM, GBE [1940-1945]

Sir William Henry Bragg, OM, KBE [1935-1940]

Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins, OM [1930-1935]

Ernest, Lord Rutherford of Nelson, OM [1925-1930]

Sir Charles Scott Sherrington, OM, GBE [1920-1925]

Sir Joseph John Thomson, OM  [1915-1920]

Sir William Crookes, OM [1913-1915]

Sir Archibald Geikie, OM, KCB [1908-1913]

John William Strutt, Lord Rayleigh, PC, OM [1905-1908]

Sir William Huggins, OM, KCB [1900-1905]

Lord Lister, PC, OM [1895-1900]

Lord Kelvin (Sir William Thomson), PC, OM [1890-1895]

Sir George Gabriel Stokes, Bart.  [1885-1890]

Thomas Henry Huxley, PC [1883-1885]

William Spottiswoode  [1878-1883]

Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker, OM, GCSI [1873-1878]

Sir George Biddell Airy, KCB  [1871-1873]

Sir Edward Sabine, KCB [1861-1871]

Sir Benjamin Collins Brodie, Bart [1858-1861]

John, Lord Wrottesley [1854-1858]

William Parsons, Earl of Rosse  [1848-1854]

Joshua Alwyne Compton, Marquess of Northampton [1838-1848]

HRH The Duke of Sussex [1830-1838]

Davies Gilbert (formerly Giddy)  [1827-1830]

Sir Humphry Davy, Bart [1820-1827]

William Hyde Wollaston [1820-1820]

Sir Joseph Banks, Bart, PC [1778-1820]

Sir John Pringle, Bart [1772-1778]

James (afterwards Sir James) Burrow [1772-1772]

James West [1768-1772]

James (afterwards Sir James) Burrow [1768-1768]

James, Earl of Morton (Lord Aberdour) [1764-1768]

George, Earl of Macclesfield [1752-1764]

Martin Folkes [1741-1752]

Sir Hans Sloane, Bart [1727-1741]

Sir Isaac Newton [1703-1727]

John, Lord Somers  [1698-1703]

Charles Montagu (afterwards Earl of Halifax, KG) [1695-1698]

Sir Robert Southwell [1690-1695]

Thomas, Earl of Pembroke, KG [1689-1690]

John, Earl of Carbery (Lord Vaughan) [1686-1689]

Samuel Pepys [1684-1686]

Sir Cyril Wyche [1683-1684]

Sir John Hoskins, Bart [1682-1683]

Sir Christopher Wren   [1680-1682]

Sir Joseph Williamson [1677-1680]

William, Viscount Brouncker [1662-1677]

Sir Paul Nurse FRS 

Professor Anthony Cheetham FRS

Physical Secretary
Professor Alex Halliday FRS

Biological Secretary
Sir John Skehel FRS

Foreign Secretary
Professor Martyn Poliakoff CBE FRS 

Executive Director
Dr Julie Maxton