Sir Tim Berners-Lee is elected to the Fellowship. His proposal of a global hypertext project in 1989 results in the creation of the WorldWide Web.


The Royal Society's joint study on nanoscience and nanotechnologies is published, examining applications of the new technology, possible environmental impact and its far-reaching future potential.



Stephen Hawking is presented with the Copley Medal for his contributions to theoretical physics. The medal is first flown into space courtesy of NASA's Space Shuttle.


The Royal Society celebrates its 350th Anniversary with a programme of activities including exhibitions at local museums in the UK, partnerships with some of the most renowned museums and galleries in London, publication of a book of essays about the Society's history, poems on the London Underground (PDF), an online timeline of groundbreaking scientific articles and a festival of science and arts at the Southbank Centre.

Queenat Convocation

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