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US-UK Scientific Forum

Sustainable Agriculture 

The US-UK Scientific Forum is intended to facilitate and encourage long lasting relationships between US and UK science and technology leaders, policymakers and other key stakeholders on globally critical topics.

The 2020 US-UK Scientific Forum on Sustainable Agriculture will take place at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC on 5-6 March.

Please click here to watch the livestream from 1:30 pm (GMT) on Wednesday 5 March, and to find further information about the agenda.

The Sustainable Agriculture forum will bring together scientists, policymakers and research funders for a collaborative discussion around how to achieve sustainable agriculture. Topics will include: how to ensure that we have a food system that delivers a wide range of desired outcomes; the role of technology in delivering this system; the role of broader changes to our food system to ensure sustainability, e.g. reducing food waste, dietary change, other behavioural and policy changes, and attracting the next generation of agricultural researchers and workers. The meeting will inform research priorities and investment, and policy direction.

The Forum has been organised by a committee of distinguished researchers in the field, composed of:

The aims of this Forum are to: 

  • Build new opportunities for international collaboration on this topic
  • Highlight and discuss the latest research findings related to how sustainable agriculture can enable positive change
  • Identify research gaps and future research priorities relating to sustainable agriculture
  • Draw on research in this field to identify potential solutions to international policy challenges

Following this Forum meeting, a summary of the discussion will be published, which will highlight the latest science and outline future research and policy priorities.

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