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At the start of the year the Society produces a Yearbook, which includes a list of Fellows and Foreign Members as well as the membership of committees.

To comply with charity legislation, the Society produces an annual Trustees’ Report. This includes a financial statement presented in the recommended format.

The Society receives money each year as a Parliamentary Grant to support specific activities and reports to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills on its delivery plan.

Funding sources

The Royal Society has a variety of funding sources in order to ensure its independence.

  • 67% from Parliamentary Grant
  • 9% from grant income
  • 7% from publishing
  • 6% from investments
  • 5% from donations
  • 5% from conferencing
  • 1% from other income

Summary financial statements are available in the Trustees' Report. A full copy of the audited accounts is available by contacting our finance department.