Parliamentary Grant

Parliamentary Grant

The Royal Society receives a Parliamentary Grant from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). This supports work on scientific excellence and innovation, science and mathematics education international activities and science communication activities.

The Parliamentary Grant represents that share in the Science budget - voted annually since 1849 by Parliament - which is administered by the Society.

The Grant is negotiated with BIS and is used by the Society for a variety of agreed purposes. Expenditure is subject to review and examination by BIS and the National Audit Office.

Download the Parliamentary Grant Delivery Plan 2011-15 (PDF).

Download the Parliamentary Grant Delivery Plan 2015-16 (PDF).

Between 2011 and 2015, the Government will invest £189 million in the Royal Society in the following proportions:

2011/12: £47.830m

2012/13: £47.101m

2013/14: £47.101m

2014/15: £47.101m

Reports are made regularly to BIS on the progress of all programmes and funding schemes funded by the Parliamentary Grant.

Download the Outputs and Outcomes Indicators 2013-14 (PDF)

Download the Narrative of Highlights 2013-14 (PDF)

Funding sources

The Royal Society has a variety of funding sources in order to ensure its independence.

  • 67% from Parliamentary Grant
  • 9% from grant income
  • 7% from publishing
  • 6% from investments
  • 5% from donations
  • 5% from conferencing
  • 1% from other income

Summary financial statements are available in the Trustees' Report. A full copy of the audited accounts is available by contacting our finance department.