Acceptable use policy for online events

The Royal Society aims to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone taking part in its activities. All participants in Royal Society online events are asked to:

  • Treat all meeting attendees and staff with respect
  • Be inclusive at all times and not to act in any discriminatory manner
  • Only share professional contact details which you have permission to share
  • Report any suspicious activities to the moderators
  • Use the chat to discuss the event content being shown
  • Act appropriately at all times

Participants must not:

  • Give out personal passwords
  • Reveal their specific location or when and where they plan to socialise
  • Engage in any form of online bullying behaviour such as banter, harassment, abusive language etc
  • Share joining details for the meeting with people who are not registered or invited to attend the meeting. Joining details must not be shared on social media
  • Share details of unpublished work on social media, or to post on social media anything which speakers have asked not to be shared publicly

Anyone in breach of these expectations may be removed from the event.