Parent Carer Scientist

Parent Carer Scientist celebrates the diversity of work-life patterns of 25 scientists across the UK, with the aim of increasing the visibility of people combining a career in science with caring responsibilities.

Featuring scientists from a range of career stages and roles, including researchers, senior academics and industry scientists, these stories showcase the diversity of approaches to maintaining successful careers alongside responsibilities as parents and carers.

The stories also highlight the vital role that supportive employers, family-friendly policies and funding play in enabling researchers to successfully combine a scientific career with family and caring commitments.

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  • Smart scheduling
    The scientists featured in these profiles discuss the benefits and challenges of adapting working patterns to accommodate the needs of their family lives.
  • Supportive environments
    These profiles highlight the value of working alongside supportive colleagues who understand the many ways that caring responsibilities can impact researchers and academics' professional lives.
  • Adapting to change
    These five scientists talk about how they have handled periods of major change, including relocating to new countries and transitioning to new stages in their careers.
  • Setting clear boundaries
    The importance of setting clear boundaries between work and family time is explored in these case studies.
  • Flexible working structures
    While academic careers can place huge demands on scientists, these scientists have made use of the flexibility available to them.