Diversity data at the Royal Society

The Society’s diversity committee regularly monitors statistics on diversity across the Society’s activities and publishes an annual data report. Visitors to the Society may have been asked to complete a diversity monitoring form at an event and applicants may receive a similar request electronically. The information provided will form a confidential statistical record in accordance with the Data Protection Act and will not be used for any purpose other than analysis of the Society’s activities.

The Royal Society is committed to promoting diversity in UK science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM) by seeking to increase participation from underrepresented groups.

The Royal Society’s 2022-23 Diversity data report will be available soon. The Society’s 2023/24 Gender pay gap data is available now (PDF).

Previous reports

Download the 2021 PDF.

Download the 2020 PDF.

Download the 2019 PDF.

Download the 2018 PDF.

Download the 2017 PDF or the Excel data tables.

Download the 2016 PDF or the Excel data tables.

Download the 2015 PDF or the Excel data tables.