Dr Natalia Ares' inspiration: Maria Teresa Ferrari

María Teresa Ferrari (1887 –1956) was the first female university professor in Latin America. She was a pioneering researcher in women's health, specialising in the use of radiation therapy for uterine tumours, and established the first incubation services for newborn babies in her country. She established the Argentina Federation of University Women in 1936, and pushed for recognition of both civil and political rights for women. I found it particularly inspiring that she fought for 13 years to be allowed to teach at the university level.


Natalia is a Royal Society University Research Fellow at University of Oxford. Her group focuses on experiments to advance the understanding of thermodynamics in quantum devices and on the development of artificial intelligence for quantum technologies. For her PhD, she focused on silicon technologies for quantum computing at CEA Grenoble, France. She did a masters in the theory of quantum chaos at University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she is from.