Royal Society Pfizer Prize

This prize is made to scientists working in the biological sciences to promote capacity building in Africa.

Alexis Nzila Dr Alexis Nzila (2nd from right) was the first recipient of the Royal Society Pfizer Award in 2006.

Since 2006 the Royal Society has offered the Pfizer Award to reward scientists based in Africa and to promote science capacity building in the developing world. In 2014 the Royal Society Pfizer Prize opens for nominations. Both prizes have been supported by Pfizer Inc.

The Royal Society Pfizer Prize recognises a research scientist, at an early stage of their research career, who is making an innovative contribution to the biological sciences, including basic medical science, which contributes significantly to capacity building in Africa.

The prize consists of a grant of £11,000 towards a research project that is linked to an African centre of scientific excellence, which would normally be a University, or equivalent research centre. The grant is intended to contribute towards the costs of the research project, with the exception of the awardees own salary.  A further personal prize of £1000 is given to the recipient.

The prize is presented at a ceremony at the Royal Society.  A seminar is also held to celebrate the work of the recipient at which he/she will give a talk about their research and how the prize will affect their progress. Those attending the seminar will be scientists in the relevant field, those working on capacity building in Africa and policy makers.


The call for nominations is now closed for 2014.

The recipient is chosen by the Council of the Royal Society on the recommendation of the Biological Sciences Awards Committees. Nominations are valid for one year.

Please read the terms and conditions for this award (PDF) and the general terms and conditions (PDF) for your information.

Abdoulaye Diabate

Most recent medallist

Dr Abdoulaye Diabate was awarded the 2013 Royal Society Pfizer Award for his important work on the identification of mosquito swarming cues, which opens up new possibilities for malaria vector control.


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This award is supported by Pfizer Limited.