Richard Hammond

Can you feel the force?
Winner, Junior Prize 2007

Richard Hammond

Take a thrilling high-energy journey through time, space and beyond! Why does your stomach go right uuuuup... when a roller coaster plunges straight dooowwwwn? How does a cold ball bounce 80% higher than a warm one? What's it actually like inside an atom? Physics doesn't just happen in a lab - it happens in the kitchen, in your bath, in a car! Join author Richard Hammond to discover the physical forces that make the universe and everything in it the way it is. It is crammed with fascinating physics facts, puzzles, brainteasers and interactive experiments. Find out how science affects everything, from roller coasters to fighter pilots, in this totally cool look at the weird and wonderful world of physics, with the hard bits left out!

Judges' comments

An entertaining and outstanding introduction into just about every aspect of physics you could care to name.  There is something for everyone in this book, which clearly reflects Richard Hammond's love of excitement and interest in the bizarre, as well as his passion for physics.

Anna aged 13 and one of the Junior Judges  said: "It was good because it had unusual facts that you wouldn't know from science lessons."

Andrew aged 11 said: "The illustrations were good but my favourite bit was the way of walking on custard."

Adele aged 11 said: "I didn't vote for it just because Richard Hammond wrote it, it truly was the best."

Eleanor Updale, chair of the junior judging panels said: "This instantly appealing book traces the roots of physics to the dawn of civilization, but concentrates on the way physical forces are at work in all our lives today.  With clear illustrations, practical experiments, and well-paced text, it makes an interest in science look like fun   and above all, normal."

On accepting the Junior Prize,  Richard Hammond said: "I was immediately captivated when the team at Dorling Kindersley approached me about making a book to try and bring physics to life. Perhaps all children need is the confidence to approach a subject with enthusiasm and an open mind. The DK team gave them just that and winning this award is recognition for a group of very talented people."

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