Read more about how the Royal Society celebrated #WorldTeachersDay 2016.

A science teacher with two students

The Royal Society joined in the celebrations for #WorldTeachersDay on Wednesday 5 October, putting a STEM focus on the days awareness raising by launching a campaign to get people talking about their favourite STEM teachers and those that had inspired them using the hashtag #MySTEMTeacher.

The campaign was supported by the likes of Brian Cox, Dame Jocelyn Bell-Burnell and Bill Bryson as well as the Society’s own Sir Venki Ramakrishnan. Many others across the UK and beyond joined in to give accounts of their teachers, highlighting the amazing impact they have on a wide range of people.

The campaign had over 460 mentions across two days with a potential reach of 3.78 million Twitter users.

You can read a summary of the Twitter posts on storify, and see some of the lovely tributes that were given.

Quote from Bill Bryson


  • Elizabeth Chambers

    Elizabeth Chambers

    Elizabeth joined the Royal Society in 2016 and works in the Schools Engagement team. She has collated the views of four teachers that the Society engages with to produce this blog. Their details can be found at the end of the article.