Behavioural ecologist Danai Papageorgiou has recently joined the journal’s editorial board.

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New Associate Editor, Danai Papageorgiou from the School of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol, UK and from the Department of Evolutionary Anthropology at the University of Zurich, Switzerland started her term as an Associate Editor in January 2024.  We asked Danai a few questions about her background, current research and motivation behind joining the journal’s editorial board.


Tell us more about your field of research

I am a behavioural ecologist studying the social lives of animals, with a specific focus on the drivers and consequences of individual social preferences. This includes understanding what influences animals to choose their "best friends" and the outcomes when these choices are less than optimal. I also investigate the processes by which groups make decisions, such as determining where to go, and how conflicts are resolved and inequality is addressed within these groups. Furthermore, I explore how environmental heterogeneity affects these social processes, questioning whether they remain consistent regardless of resource availability. I feel that exploring the functions of animal societies not only challenges the concept of human uniqueness, which I find very important to be challenged, but can also allow us to shed light on the evolution of processes that facilitate the maintenance of the balance of power in group living animals.


What prompted you to work in this field?

Combining my passion for the non-human animal world with an interest in social behaviour and decision-making in human groups, along with my interest in coding and statistical analysis, led me to this field. My strongest passion though lies in fieldwork conducted in remote and animal-rich destinations. Spending hours observing and systematically collecting data on the animals I study is incredibly fascinating to me. My childhood and early adulthood experiences, including riding dressage horses, rescuing stray animals in Greece, and advocating for environmental and social justice, laid the groundwork for my interdisciplinary approach to biology and mathematics. During my early university years, I realised that studying animal behaviour, particularly in group-living animals, would allow me to merge all these interests and engage in work that I would be happy to pursue even if I didn’t have to work for a living.

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Why did you join the Proceedings B Editorial Board?

Since beginning my bachelor's degree in 2010, I have been regularly looking through the content of Proceedings B to stay updated on the latest advances in biology. As an interdisciplinary and internationally recognised journal with a broad readership, Proceedings B publishes high-quality research spanning beyond animal behaviour. Having already peer-reviewed over 30 papers for various scientific journals, I was excited with the opportunity to contribute to the manuscript selection process for a journal I have always admired. Joining the editorial board not only serves as a significant contribution to the scientific community but it is also very helpful for the progression of my career. It enables me to stay abreast of current advancements in our field and implement innovative ideas to improve the scientific publishing process. For example, I always try to select peer reviewers with diverse backgrounds enriching thus the review process. I firmly believe that peer review should be constructive, aiming to refine the framing of papers, improve data analysis, and ultimately advance the current state of the field. I encourage reviewers to maintain a critical stance while also being mindful of expressing their points in a gentle and kind manner, considering that their reports will be read by individuals who may be experiencing high levels of stress due to the academic pressures we all experience.

Danai Papageorgiou doing fieldwork - using binoculars to look at birds.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to submit to Proceedings B?

Proceedings B is an excellent journal for authors seeking to communicate their findings to a broader scientific audience. As it is not a specialist journal, manuscripts focusing on highly species-specific matters may find other better-suited publishers. Before submitting to Proceedings B, I recommend authors seek feedback from peers with slightly different expertise to ensure their manuscript is comprehensible and engaging to a wider audience.


Proceedings B is looking to publish more high-quality research articles and reviews in behavioural ecology. If you have an idea for a review, we strongly encourage you to submit a proposal. Find out more about the submission process.


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