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Turning the pages

Melicérta, from 'The Drawings of the Rotifer' by Charles Thomas Hudson. Catalogue reference: MS/132

Welcome to 'Turning the Pages' - a gallery of high quality scans of some of the important and beautiful volumes in our collection. Click on one of the images below to open an item.

This project was made possible with generous support from The John S. Cohen Foundation, Wellcome Trust and the British Library.

First Journal Book of the Royal Society, 1660-1663

Charter book

Charter Book

Catalogues of the Royal Society Repository

Catalogue of the Royal Society Repository

Musaeum Regalis Societatis

Hans Sloane's Minute Books

Meetings of the Royal Society, 1686-1691

Meetings of the Royal Society, 1693-1698

Meetings of the Royal Society, 1699-1702

Meetings of the Royal Society, 1702-1707

Meetings of the Royal Society, 1707-1711

Illustrated volumes

Fossil notebook by Henry James


Drawings of the Rotifer, 1886

Anatomical studies by Andrew van Rymsdyk

British grasses and wildflowers by Richard Waller

Specimens of Calligraphy Anonymous

Photographs of British algae, 1843

Scientific articles

Account of the house martin by Gilbert White

Stilling the waters by Benjamin Franklin

Musical instruments from the South Seas by Joshua Steele

On iron bridges by Thomas Paine

Scientific travels

Arctic Seas Diary by Edward Sabine

On Japan by Carl Peter Thunberg

West Africa Expedition by Alexander Gordon Laing

Letters from the Peruvian Andes by Joseph Barcroft

Embassy to China by Samuel Holmes

Reports from Antarctica by Robert Falcon Scott

Foundational documents

Constitutions of Carolina by John Locke

Diaries and memoirs

Robert Boyle Papers, Volume 8 'Philosophy', late 17th century

Memoirs of Sir Isaac Newton's Life by William Stukeley

Diary of the Second World War by Alfred Charles Glyn Egerton

Diary of the contruction of Jodrell Bank radio telescope by Bernard Lovell

Visitors' Book of the Birr Castle Observatory by Various authors

Memoir of my singular history by Benjamin Wilson

Travel and photography by John Herschel

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