Application guidelines


There are two application rounds each year, one in autumn and one in winter.

Projects start with either a project idea, a partnership or a really enthusiastic individual. The first step is to find your partner, then to develop your project idea. You can learn more about getting inspiration for your project, or finding a practising scientist/engineer or school to partner with by reading the More Information section.

Starting your application

Please ensure you have read the eligibility criteria, the restrictions on funding and the judging criteria before applying to the scheme. 

Applications should be made through the online portal. Both the teacher and the scientist / engineer must register with the portal before an application can be made. The best projects are usually developed by the two partners working together on the application. 

You can contact us for advice or support at any stage of your application. We can also give feedback on draft applications, if they are sent to us at least one week before the scheme closing date. We would encourage you to contact us if you would like feedback on your application. However please note that all comments are for guidance only and grant decisions are made solely by the Partnership Grants Allocating Panel.

To ensure your application has the best chance of success, we strongly recommend that you read our information pack (PDF), which will give you all the information you need to apply to the scheme.

Project ideas

You can get inspiration for your project from past project summaries and case studies of projects we have funded in the past. You might also like to read ‘Getting practical: a framework for practical work in science’ (PDF), which is a useful resource for designing the practical components of a project.


The Partnership Grants Judging Panel make grant decisions according to these judging criteria. Please pay close attention to the criteria and in your application include all necessary information to show that each of these criteria are fulfilled.

To ensure all applications are judged fairly and thoroughly, each one is allocated to at least two members of the Partnership Grants Allocating Panel. The decision of the Panel is final.


We try to inform applicants about whether or not their application was successful within two months of the closing date.

  • If your application was successful, you will be sent a grant claim form, and Partnership Grants agreement form. Once we have received these completed and signed forms , your school will receive the money by bank transfer within 28 days.
  • If your application was not successful then you may contact us if you would like feedback in time for the next round. You are welcome to submit another application, but if your bid failed the first time you would be expected to use any feedback given to develop or change it before resubmission.

Applying for this scheme

The Partnership Grants scheme is now closed for applications. The next round of applications will be in the Autumn of 2015.

There are two application rounds per year, one in Autumn and one in Winter.

You can send us your draft application for comments up to one week before the closing date. See the Application guidelines for more details.

When the project is finished, you are expected to evaluate its impact. You might also consider ways to build on the project in the future.

Scientists and engineers

If you are a professional scientist or engineer and would like to take part in a Partnership Grant project you can read our advice on getting involved.

If you are a teacher looking for a scientist or engineer partner then please read the guidance on finding a suitable partner.

Case studies

Get inspiration for your project from case studies of work we have previously funded.