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Reports & statements
Jun 2004

Assessment of science learning 14–19

A report into the assessment of science learning among 14-19 year old students which was undertaken by the Science & Technology Education team at King's College London.

Reports & statements
Jan 2002

Supporting success: science technicians in schools and colleges

A report conducted with the Association for Science Education which aims to inform the national debate about the role of technicians in science education.

Reports & statements
Aug 2001

Teaching and learning geometry 11-19

A report conducted with the Joint Mathematical Council into the teaching and learning of geometry in schools and colleges.

Reports & statements
Jul 1998

Mathematics Education Pre-19

A report which considers current issues and concerns within mathematics education and makes recommendations on curriculum and assessment issues.

Reports & statements
Jul 1997

Teaching and Learning Algebra pre-19

A report conducted with the Joint Mathematical Council which makes recommendations about the curriculum and teaching methods in algebra, in order to inform discussions of any future revisions of the curriculum.

Reports & statements
Mar 1995

Scientific Research in Schools

A report with contributions from the Royal Society and other science organisations which provides a compendium of practical experience about conducting scientific research in schools.

Reports & statements
Mar 1994

The role of research conferences in developing European collaboration in S&T

A report conducted by the Science and Engineering Policy Studies Unit of the Royal Society and the Fellowship of Engineering about the initiation of collaborations, concentrating on the role of the research conference.

Reports & statements
Jan 1993

Higher Education Futures

A report which outlines the steps to be taken by the higher education sector to achieve a high-quality mass participation system through which the scientific and technological needs of society are met.

Reports & statements
May 1991

Beyond GCSE

A report expressing deep concern that the scientific and technological needs of the UK will not be met unless there is a radical revision of post-l6 education.

Reports & statements
Mar 1988

How to provide for the teaching of mathematics in secondary school

A report prepared with The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications on the teaching of mathematics in schools to pupils of all ages.

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