The Vision project aims to set out a vision for how the UK can develop an inspiring and high performing science and mathematics education system over the next 15—20 years.

The Committee has commissioned a number of researchers to review the current landscape across a number of key areas which influence or are integral to education and young people. They will report back to the Vision Committee in the autumn of 2013.

These areas are:

  • Leadership and workforce issues within UK Science and Mathematics Education
    Professor Andrew Tolmie, Institute of Education, London, UK
  • The science and mathematics teaching workforce
    Professor Alan Smithers and Dr Pamela Robinson, University of Buckingham, UK
  • The impact of digital technologies on STEM education
    Professor Diana Laurillard, Institute of Education, London, UK
  • The application of psychology and neuroscience to teaching and learning
    Dr Paul Howard-Jones and Dr Tim Jay, University of Bristol and Jo Evershed, Cauldron  Science, UK
  • Curriculum, assessment, inter-disciplinarity and the integration of STEM subjects
    Professor Julian Williams and Dr Andy Howes, University of Manchester, UK
  • The benefit of STEM skills to individuals and society (including the economy)
    Professor Ian Walker, University of Lancaster and Dr Yu Zhu, University of Kent, UK
  • Student attitudes, engagement and participation in STEM subjects
    Professor Judith Bennett, University of York, UK
  • Accountability and the meaning of ‘success’ in education systems
    Professor Anthony Kelly and Professor David Reynolds, University of Southampton, UK

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Vision for science and mathematics education

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