What it means to be human

Panel discussion chaired by Sir Paul Nurse PRS with Professor Colin Blakemore FRS, Professor Robin Dunbar FBA, Professor Ruth Mace FBA and Professor Mark Pagel FRS.

What does it mean to be human, and what makes us so? Does our brain, how we evolved, how we communicate, or how we interact make us human? Are we really so different from the other animals?

An exploration of the boundaries of human nature, chaired by Sir Paul Nurse PRS, with four eminent panellists – neuroscientist Professor Colin Blakemore FRS, evolutionary psychologist Professor Robin Dunbar FBA, evolutionary anthropologist Professor Ruth Mace FBA, and evolutionary biologist Professor Mark Pagel FRS - addressing from their own perspectives ‘what it means to be human’.

Held as part of “What it means to be human – new perspectives on the boundaries of human nature”, an afternoon seminar and evening public discussion jointly organised by the British Academy and the Royal Society. Full details of the afternoon seminar are available on the British Academy website.

Events coming up

  • Suffrage Science Awards Ceremony 08 March 2015 at The Royal Society, London An evening celebrating the achievements of leading women scientists on International Women’s Day
  • Origin and evolution of the nervous system 09 March 2015 at The Royal Society, London Scientific discussion meeting organised by Professor Nicholas Strausfeld FRS and Dr Frank Hirth
  • Ebola: inside an epidemic 09 March 2015 at The Royal Society, London Discover the how and why of the 2014 Ebola outbreak from leading public health figures. Panel discussion chaired by Dame Sally Davies FRS.

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