Cellular polarity: from mechanisms to disease

Cellular polarity Image by Claudia Stocker

Scientific discussion meeting organised by Dr Rafael Edgardo Carazo Salas, Dr Attila Csikasz-Nagy and Dr Masamitsu Sato

Event details

This event brought together an interdisciplinary group of scientists from the UK and abroad to speak about the latest progress in the field of cell polarity research, from basic principles to medical implications. It provided a unique opportunity to bring together basic and translational scientists and the public, to discuss this important subject at a high calibre meeting.

Biographies of the organisers and speakers are available below and you can also download the draft programme (PDF). Recorded audio of the presentations are now available below and the papers have been published in an issue of Philosophical Transactions B.

A related satellite meeting immediately followed this event.

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Cellular polarity: from mechanisms to disease 6-9 Carlton House Terrace London SW1Y 5AG UK


Session 1: Emergence of cell polarity

Session 2: Interactions between cell polarity and other biological processes or machineries

Session 3: Diseases where cell polarity is important

Session 4: Towards better probes, diagnostics and treatment of polarity related diseases

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