Resilience to disaster

Panel discussion with Professor Georgina Mace CBE FRS, Professor Katrina Brown, Dr Bhaskar Vira and Dr Camilla Toulmin as part of Hay Festival 2014.

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How do we prepare ourselves for the impacts of weather-related disasters? What are our options and how do we decide which is the best approach to take? The panel will discuss the evidence that is being analysed in order to inform the important decisions regarding adaptation and risk reduction that are being made at global, national and local levels.

Georgina Mace CBE FRS is Professor of Biodiversity and Ecosystems and Director of the UCL Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research.

Professor Katrina Brown is Chair in Social Science in the Environment and Sustainability Institute at the University of Exeter.  

Dr Bhaskar Vira is Director of the University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute.

Dr Camilla Toulmin is the Director of the International Institute for Environment and Development.

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Tickets for this event are available via the Hay Festival website.

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