Medical myths and misconceptions

Public event with 2012 Kohn Award winner Dr Suzy Lishman, part of the Gravity Fields Festival in Grantham, Linconshire.

Dr Suzy Lishman

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Pathologist Dr Suzy Lishman explores the science behind common medical questions including ‘Does your hair continue to grow after you die?’ and ‘Can you live without five internal organs?’. The audience will have the chance to vote on each question and find out how their answers compare to those of over 1000 school students.

Attending this event

Tickets are required for this event and may be purchased from the Gravity Fields Festival website. Tickets are £4.

This event is fully accessible with limited accessible seating is available. A hearing induction loop is also available. Please inform the Box Office staff regarding your needs when booking on Tel: (01476 406158)


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