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Davy Medal

Humphry Davy FRS

Davy Medallist 2017

Matthew RosseinskyProfessor Matthew Rosseinsky FRS

The 2017 Davy Medal is awarded to Professor Matthew Rosseinsky FRS for his advances in the design and discovery of functional materials, integrating the development of new experimental and computational techniques.

Professor Rosseinsky will receive a medal of bronze, and a gift of £2,000 at the Society's Anniversary Day Meeting on 30 November 2017.

The award

The Davy Medal is awarded annually to an outstanding researcher in the field of chemistry.

The medal is named after Humphry Davy FRS, the chemist and inventor of the Davy Lamp, and was first awarded in 1877.

The next round of nominations opens in November 2017. 

Past winners

Professor Stephen Mann FRS was awarded the Davy Medal in 2016 for his distinguished and major contributions to the chemistry of bio-mineralization and for pioneering the bioinspired synthesis and self-assembly of functional nanostructures and hybrid nanoscale objects.

Professor Gideon John Davies FMedSci FRS was awarded the Davy Medal 2015 for his field-defining work in determining the reaction chemistry of enzyme-catalysed carbohydrate transformations with major applications in medicine and biotechnology.

Professor Clare Grey FRS was awarded the Davy Medal 2014 for further pioneering applications of solid state nuclear magnetic resonance to materials of relevance to energy and the environment.

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