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Ferrier Medal and Lecture

Red and blue marked regions represent sectors of dopamine rich ventral tegmentum and substantia nigra that express a reward and effort teaching signal (reward and effort prediction errors) respectively. Credit Tobias Hauser

The award

The lectureship was created in memory of the neurologist and psychologist David Ferrier FRS (PDF), and was first awarded in 1928. It is given on a subject related to the advancement of natural knowledge on the structure and function of the nervous system. The medal is of bronze, is awarded biennially and is accompanied by a gift of £2,000.  

Past winners

Professor Ray Dolan FMedSci FRS was awarded The Ferrier Medal and Lecture 2019 for his work charting the brain activity related to fundamental aspects of human conduct and behaviour.

Professor Christine Holt FMedSci FRS was awarded the Ferrier Medal and Lecture 2017 for pioneering understanding of the key molecular mechanisms involved in nerve growth, guidance and targeting which has revolutionised our knowledge of growing axon tips.

Professor John O'Keefe FMedSci FRS was awarded the Ferrier Prize Lecture 2013 for his pioneering work in cognitive neuroscience, especially on the role of the hippocampus, and the mechanisms supporting memory and cognition.

See full list of all past winners of the Ferrier Medal and Lecture.

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