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Gabor Medal

Dennis Gabor FRS

Gabor Medallist 2017

Professor Richard Durbin FRSProfessor Richard Durbin FRS

The 2017 Gabor Medal and Lecture is awarded to Professor Richard Durbin FRS for his outstanding contributions to computational biology, and their impact across many areas of the life sciences. 

Professor Durbin will receive a medal, and a gift of £2,000 at the Society’s Anniversary Day meeting on 30 November 2017. 

The award

The Gabor Medal is awarded biennially for acknowledged distinction of interdisciplinary work between the life sciences with other disciplines.

The award was created in memory of the engineer Dennis Gabor FRS (PDF), Nobel Prize winner and inventor of holography. The first award was made in 1989 and the lectureship is accompanied by a medal and a gift of £2,000. 

The next round of nominations opens in November 2017. 

Past winners

Professor Benjamin David Simons was awarded the Gabor Medal in 2015 for his work analysing stem cell lineages in development, tissue homeostasis and cancer, revolutionising our understanding of stem cell behaviour in vivo.

Professor Christofer Toumazou FREng FRS was awarded the Gabor Medal in 2013 for his success in applying semiconductor technology to biomedical and life-science applications, most recently to DNA analysis.