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The Everyday Journeys of Ordinary Things

by Libby Deutsch, illustrated by Valpuri Kerttula


Book cover for the Everyday Journey of Ordinary ThingsAbout the book

Young children are full of questions about how the world works; the processes and machinations behind the scenes. Why does a light come on when you flick a switch? How can cheese from the supermarket have come out of a cow? What happens when you send a text? All very good questions, and all explained — along with many more — in The Everyday Journey of Ordinary Things.

Visually arresting, informative and accessible, this is the book for every child who ever wondered, “How?”

ISBN: 978-1782406358

What did the judges think?

Judge and author Konnie Huq said: “Being a curious mind, I still wonder where things have come from, and why things are. Why does the world spin? Why is the sky blue? I have children with the same questions, which has reignited my passion. Seeing every step of the process explained behind everyday actions like flicking a light switch or making a phone call really satisfied my curiosity. Igniting curiosity is what this whole Prize is about.”

About the author and illustrator

Libby Deutsch lives in Brighton with her husband and two sons. She has worked in children's publishing as both a copywriter and an editor and has published over fifty books for children.

Valpuri Kerttula is a graduate of the Edinburgh College of Art. She currently lives in Finland and creates artwork for children’s books, school textbooks, and editorial commissions. Her style is bright, playful and colourful. She loves developing curious characters from her imagination.

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